To Block Island

With time awaiting and Tuesday being a steamy, hot day, we decided to set off for Block Island.  We still didn’t have our part but we were sure it would catch up with us.  So early Wednesday we woke to the fog.  With a little discussion and a look at the weather, we headed off for Fisher’s Island.  About 84 miles away going east down the center of Long Island Sound.  Having 3 of us to trade off steering duties and sleeping duties was really appreciated.  The fog burned off pretty quickly.  The wind never picked up and the sun shone the whole day.  It took 14 hours to travel the sound and anchor in Fisher’s harbor.  A red sunset and cool, ocean breezes finished the day.
Thursday morning we woke early again to dense fog.  Ate a good breakfast and cleaned up hoping the fog would lift.  Never did.  So we set off on the 28 miles to Block Island with a lookout on the bow with a fog horn, a radar reader in the cockpit and the captain handling the AIS readings on the chart.  The fog stayed with us until we started to turn into the harbor at Block, only to encounter 50 sailboats leaving for the afternoon race.  The harbor was clear. It the fog lingered outside the island all day.

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