Block Island

We slept in today, but then headed out for a 6 mile hike on the northern bluffs of Block Island. It was hot, but we persevered.

Then we relaxed and had lunch at Deadeye Dicks. Simple, but excellent seafood and chicken sandwiches, but no alcohol since we got tickets for the last night of race week festivities under the tent. We met up with Annapolis dockmates Tom and Wally, the sailmakers from Ullman and other folks from Annapolis. As you might expect there was great frivolity and unlimited alcohol.

Then the ultimate party crashet arrived and played a few songs we all knew for singalong time.

After another Margarita it was time to head back to Merlin for relaxing in the cockpit with hors d’oevres on a perfect cool evening. Can’t complain!

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