On to Long Island

A belated post.  We had a lovely sail to Long Island on Sunday the 16th.  Every sail was up to take full advantage of the 8 knots of wind.  We sailed directly to the anchorage at Chez Pierre and dinghied on in for a gourmet dinner with our buddy boaters. The next morning we wandered around the point to an anchorage in Thompson Bay. Tuesday and Wednesday we rented a car and drove south and then north on the 80mile highway of Long Island.
Driving south, we visited Dean’s Blue Hole which is the world’s deepest blue hole at 623′. While there we saw an instructor, assistant and four students working on their free diving skills from the platform. The hole is well-visited by world free divers and also hosts world competitions.
Clarencetown is on the east or oceanside of Long Island. We visited the church and the marina as well as having a late dinner.
Going north the next day, we trekked to the Columbus monument before stopping at Stella Maris resort for a lovely lunch.

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