Conception Island

imageConception is possibly the first island that Columbus set foot on and we are on our way too.  It is a beautiful island less than 3×4 miles with a crescent white sand beach on the west side and Atlantic coast cliffs on the north east and a center filled with mangroves. It is part of the Bahamas National Park system so there is no trash, water, fuel, buildings. in short, no civilization except the boaters that arrive with east winds. The anchorage is not comfortable in a lot of wind conditions so the island is often empty. The first night we arrived, there were over 30 boats anchored and enjoying the beauty. 018 Tina walking the beach on the Atlantic side. 041 Ed traversing the cliff walk, complete with ropes to help you down. 012 Parts of the coral reef on the Atlantic side.  Not the side to bring the  big boat. 039 The limestone cliffs and beaches and the blue, blue water.

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