Back in Florida

We flew back to Florida on Jan 7 leaving Baltimore on the coldest morning I can remember – 1 degree F!

Florida is only in the 60’s at the moment, but it’s a big improvement.  Merlin is looking good and we spent the day today making a shopping run to Costco, updating our Local Boaters Option with Homeland Security for our new passports, and touring Jupiter with our good friends Hap and Elaine.  They took us to see the Jupiter Lighthouse and Museum, but since the lighthouse was closed due to the weather we only visited the Museum.  Then they took us to Little Moir’s Food Shack, a very popular small restaurant, with a very good menu. They were discovered by the NYT food critic several years ago and described as one of the best place to eat in Palm Beach.  The weather is very unsettled at the moment, but it may take a turn for the better on Sunday and allow us to cross the Gulf Stream to the Bahamas.  This is pretty optimistic thinking having looked at the weather, but maybe it will happen.

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