Well … maybe

We are currently sitting at anchor in the Lake Worth Inlet (Palm Beach, Fl) prepared to leave early (4:00am!!) Monday morning.  In between getting back to Florida and here, we have experienced 3 days of rain which culminated in a 4 hour downpour of 12-18 inches of rain.  This was the same storm that closed parts of 95 and washed out a number of seawalls.  This was the same storm that spawned a small tornado that touched down 1/2 mile from the boat.  The boat jumped and rocked so much in between the pilings that it tore out 2 cleats from the dock.  We were watching all this from the windows of Cecil’s home, warm and dry.  That, of course, was after we got drenched bringing in our 3 months of provisions from the car and getting all the meat and frozen stuff safely stored at Cecil’s.  What a day to go provisioning.  So it is with great relief that yesterday and today were sunny.  We left Cecil and Nina this morning after a wonderful stay and navigated the ICW run in good weather, getting stuck behind a south going barge through 3 of the bridges and making the other 3 in good order.  With a good amount of luck the seas will be small enough to motor into tomorrow and we will make our way to Old Bahama Bay Marina in West End, Grand Bahama Island, just in time to sit out the next stormy night.

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