We filled our Saturday on Block Island with filling up fuel, water and emptying waste.  About an hour after we left the fuel dock, a 165 foot motor yacht came in and dropped its anchor 50 feet in front of us.  She proceeded to med moor to the fuel dock right in front of us and was then joined by another.  Amazing power and control. And took up the whole fuel dock.

We left early Sunday morning and motored our way to Newport.  We called Oldport and picked up a mooring right away.  Took Alan into town and ambled around.  Several thunderstorms threatened so we took refuge in a Starbucks.  Had an interesting conversation with a delivery captain and then back to the boat. 

On Monday we were waiting for delivery of a sail batten so Alan and I did laundry and Ed waxed.  Chores were done like cleaning and repair.  Onward came in, picked up a mooring and delivered parts.  Then we went to the baseball game.  Carmine field was within easy walking distance, cost $2 per senior and had a lovely small town atmosphere.  We think the Gulls won but we left early to see the fireworks from Jamestown.

Tuesday was Rosecliff mansion and a portion of the cliff walk and lunch at the Breakers cafe.  Dinner on Onward and fireworks by Newport.  A very satisfying day.

1 thought on “Newport

  1. Enjoying all your posts. It’s fun hearing about your adventures! Life is settling into summer here. We plan on watching the fireworks that the golf course puts up tonight, always on July 3rd. The Black eyed Susan plants that you gave us are full of buds, ready to pop any day now.
    Jane and Dick

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