Departure for Maine

Friday June 21

A day of victories, some large. The plan was to leave early and travel up the Chesapeake Bay through the C and D canal before the current changed. Ed, the captain, misread his watch and had us up at 5:15. Leaving the slip was uneventful and all looked good, although breezy as we headed under the bay bridge. Then the winds began to build and the seas became bumpy and large. We eventually saw 6-7 foot waves over the bow and a high of 47 knots of wind. However it was the sustained 30-40 knots that made the trip exciting, albeit uncomfortable. We double reefed everything, (before the big winds fortunately) and eventually turned on the engine and furled the jib to keep us going straight. As we passed the Sassafras, the seas were calming and the winds were dropping. The C and D canal was its usual quiet self and we turned into the Reedy Island anchorage soon after exiting the canal. And then the fun really began. The instrument panel with the gauges and ignition key had stopped working. Initial diagnose was a lost ground wire. Four hours later after discussions of fuses and switches and tracing of wires, Ed and Alan found the lost ground and fabricated a fix. All this involved Alan standing in the engine hole and Ed reaching through (from the cabin side,) with many pictures taken of hidden components around a tight engine compartment. Tina hung up all the wet bedding because she forgot to adequately close the front hatch. Installed the new reefing line so the main sail could easily be reefed from the cockpit. Made dinner. Winds continued to die. Fell asleep early, but not before we scrambled to close up hatches as rain pelted outside, from a cloudless sky.

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