Emerald Bay Marina, Georgetown

After Musha Cay we headed out Rudder Cut and headed into about 14 knots of wind on a very close reach so we motor sailed. We had a bit of excitement when the oil pressure dropped to zero. After about 15 minutes of troubleshooting we determined that the wire to the sensor broke, so we just ignored the gage. We arrived at Enmerald Bay after about 6 hours and entered the narrow channel behind the breakwater.  There was just enough swell to make it interesting. Onward and Merlin joined Heeling Time on D Dock, which is the $1 a foot dock since there is no electricity available. But the marina has free laundry so that was done pretty quickly. We rented a 6 passenger car with the other boats and explored the Island driving down south of the Tropic of Cancer for lunch and exploring ruins. We also drove into town for a grocery run at Exuma Market. Tina and I explored Sandals’ beach and walked out to see the breakwater from the dirt side. We stayed 3 nights. 

1 thought on “Emerald Bay Marina, Georgetown

  1. Sounds like you’re doing just fine without us. It’s a month since we were there! Hard to believe. We’re now getting the cold weather from the Eastern US. It’ll be gone by the time you get there, which is Joe’s plan, I know. Safe travels and say hi to Joe and Peggy for us. Shelagh xx

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