We have made good progress since Current Cut in mostly good weather. We motor sailed the 60nm to Cape Eleuthera where we spent the night at the Marina. It was a chance to top up the fuel, wash clothes, and have one last night out at a restaurant before we go a little more remote.  The next morning we got the weather forecast from Chris Parker which said a chance of 30knot squalls, but no lightning. The gradient forecast called for light winds so we decided to take our chances with the squalls and left by 8am. The winds were ok, so we motor sailed tha 30 miles to Warderick Wells and checked to see if we got assigned a mooring in the North Field. All three of us got moorings, after digning up for the wait list the day before. Ed fished all the way to Eleuthera from Abaco (60nm) and from Cape Eleuthera to Warderick Wells (30nm) with no luck. We were hoping for some Mahi. A couple of hours after we got settled at Warderick we were hit with a pretty good squall, so the boat got a good rinse. After 3 days of partying on the beach, snorkeling and hiking the hills we left for Cambridge Cay. We took the short route out in the sound rather than the protected waters on the banks. Winds were on the nose at 10-20k and the seas were sloppy and the boat is now caked with salt, but the cuts were easy and we are sitting on nice moorings here. Last night there was a meet and greet cocktail party on the beach. Today it’s hot and still which meant great snorkeling at the cut and in a cave. Then we went over to an area called Rachel’s Bubblebath where waves from the sound hit the rocks and surge over the top filling the little pond are with foam and spray. Great fun. There is a storm coming Sunday and then west winds so we will sit here another few days. 

Cambridge Cay from Merlin

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