Still in Hopetown……

It looks like there is a good weather window to move to the Exumas starting on Friday or Saturday, so with a little luck we will be there soon.  Yesterday we took Joe, Tom, and Dana for a day sail up to Guana key for lunch at Nippers. The tides let us get out of Hopetown early in the day and would be just high enough to let us back in at sunset. We sailed a bit up there and most of the way back. 

  Today is a rare sunny day here. Tina is at Yoga and I’m doing this. I’m sure we will do some boat chores and then spend some time in town. Maybe a bit of laundry too. We will hand wash this time since laundry here is $11 a load.  Peggy should be back onboard Onward this afternoon after getting snowed in on Long Island, NY.   




1 thought on “Still in Hopetown……

  1. Such an exciting life you lead 🙂 Still, it’s grey and raining here, so your option looks SERIOUSLY nicer than ours at the moment! Looking forward to seeing you, and the sun! Shelagh

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