Hopetown Harbor, Elbow Cay, Abacos

I’ve been derelict in my posts, but I’ll catch up a bit here. On the 12th Joe (Onward) reserved 2 moorings in Hopetown, so with a good forecast on getting thru the Whale passage we checked out of the Green Turtle Club Marina and headed for Hopetown. 

The Whale was passable, but the seas were running up to 7 feet at times with nearly breaking waves. Turned out to be an easy passage, but somewhat intimidating waves. After getting thru the cut we checked tides at Hopetown using our explorer charts and determined that we would be on about 1/2 tide rising, which is good since there are a number of shallow spots. Turns out we were on a falling tide about an hour before low. That said we had no issues getting in and only discovered the tide state the next day on the weather forecast.  

As today the 21st we have had two fronts come thru with up to 40 knot winds. Only problem was a close catamaran who had extra line on their mooring buoy and we actually touched their grill with our bow once. After he shortened his lines and we lengthened our the problem was solved.   Peggy (Onward) had some disk isuues and needed an MRI for diagnosis, so she flew home to Long Island, NY. The news is all good, surgery is not necessary, and she is feeling better and will return Saturday if the weather cooperates. 


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