Palm Beach to Green Turtle Cay, Abacos, The Bahamas

We awoke to our alarm at 6:30 to check the bilge and listen to the weather forecast. We listened to the forecast and then called Chris Parker, the weather forecaster we use, on the SSB radio with our plans. He confirmed that crossing the Gulf Stream was good, but the overnight weather on the Bahama banks was unsettled and there was a chance we would see convective squalls with winds up to 30 knots, but otherwise 10-12knots out of the SW.  We talked with Joe and Peggy on Onward and decided the forecast was good enough, so we raised the anchor and headed out around 8:00.  The inlet was great except for the power boat wakes and we were soon in the Atlantic. Winds were to light to sail, so we motor sailed in SW winds around 10 knots, with a gentle 4-8 foot swell. Conditions improved to farther we got and we crossed on to the banks at Memory Rock around 4:00. Conditions on the banks were perfect, but still not enough wind to sail without the engine. We set our watch schedule for the night with Ed on watch till midnight and Tina on until 3. We both overslept but the conditions were so mild it was not a problem. There were stars overhead most of the night, but we could see the flashes of lightning way off in the distance, but never heard thunder. The plan was to enter Green Turtle, White Sound, after sunrise. As we got closer it became obvious we were ahead of schedule, so we could finally kill the engine and sail. It was great. As the skies started to brighten the squalls finally caught up with us so the winds clocked and built to 28 and it rained, but no lightning. By the time the rain stopped and the winds died a bit the were ready for us at the Green Turtle Club Marina and we headed in. By 9:00 we were secure in our slips and the sun was out. 

One of the nice things about Green Turtle is that they arrange for the Customs agent to come to the boat and check you in. Since it was Sunday we expected them to tell us that we would have to wait until Monday, but the new Customs agent works on Sunday. We were checked in by noon and we lowered the quarantine flag and raised the Bahamas courtesy flag. We were here, and in record time (for us)!


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