We left St Augustine yesterday morning as soon as the fog lifted, which was around 8:30. We got the Bridge of Lions opening and continued south with a fair current. By 3:30 we were anchored by the Memorial Bridge in Daytona listening to the high rev engines over at the speedway. The 24 hour classic is Saturday and night practice was Thursday. We awoke to more fog, but light enough to depart at sunrise. Our goal was to get to to the NASA Causeway bridge at Canavaral before the closed it for the evening rush. We made it with over an hour to spare. We anchored at Cocoa and went in to town for dinner. The sleepy, funky village is now built up a bit more which I guess is good for the economy but a bit disappointing. Had dinner at the bar overlooking the anchorage.  Beer and sandwiches, all we needed. Lows tonight are forecast in the 70’s, but the weather is taking a turn for the worse next week. It’s been so good that it’s hard to complain. Tomorrow Vero!


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