North Carolina

One of the railroad bridges over the waterway has been having repairs made which has kept the bridge down and the waterway closed except for 3 short openings a day. Last week there were over 70 boats queued up waiting one day. That has significant ripple effects farther downstream too. But today the bridge was back on normal schedule…until Thursday. Timing is everything.  The rush hour restrictions on bridge openings are not in effect for the weekend either, so we were ready to roll, and everything started great….until a loooong coal train came and closed another railroad bridge. No big deal reall, just had to float around and wait for 30 minutes. After that everything went great. We saw our second Bald Eagle of the trip, the first was in our slip getting ready to leave. Tradition has it that you stay at Coinjock Marina and enjoy one of their Prime Rib Dinners. Well we tried, but they only had 38 feet open on the dock and we need 46. They tried all day to make room for us, but it was not to be.  So, we fueled up at their fuel dock and the crossed the creek and stayed at Midway Marina. Great rates and a very nice owner who runs the Crabby’s restaurant with his wife cooking. Tina had fresh scallops and I had fried oysters and didn’t miss the prime rib a bit. After not being off the boat since Solomons we took a walk into town for a few groceries from the gas station. Not fancy, but they had what we needed. 


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