Solomons, Maryland

We left early, just before sunrise and aimed for Solomons.  It had been a very quiet night in fishing bay with winds less than 5 knots, but by the time we got to the bay the winds were up over 20 again and the chop was annoying once again.  The problem with heading into 3-4 foot chop is not safety, but comfort and speed.  It seems just when you get the boat up to speed you hit a wave and the boat slows, sometimes to 3 knots, and starts rocking, then you accelerate slowly back up to cruising speed just to have it happen again.  A couple of hours of this is tolerable, but not a day.  Fortunately after about 2-3 hours progress was decent and we made Solomons by 5pm.  Our friend John and Stephanie were still in Solomons working on John’s recent sailboat acquisition so we were able to have dinner with them at CD Cafe, one of our favorite restaurants in Solomons.  We anchored close to Zahnheisers by an empty mooring field and dinghied in for dinner.  Our last night anchored out on this trip was calm and cool.

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