Coinjock, NC

The days since Wrightsville Beach have been long, 90+ mile slogs, but the weather has cooperated even if the current hasn’t.  We found a beautiful protected anchorage in Slade Creek near Bellhaven.  Pulling in the winds dropped from 20 to less than 10 and the creek was perfectly flat.  Surprisingly, we were the only boat there.  We had hoped to make it to Bellhaven early enough to enjoy dinner with our friends Richard and Janet, but it was not to be.  The following day we moved on through the Pungo Canal, where there is absolutely no cell phone coverage without an external amplifier. Then an easy trip up the Alligator River, thru the Alligator River Swing Bridge (which has been broken recently) and then across the Albemarle Sound.  The sound is shallow and wide and can be very unpleasant, if not dangerous in strong winds, but the day was perfect for the crossing and we made decent time.  We stopped at the Coinjock Marina long dock where we picked up plenty of fuel for the trip to Annapolis and beyond.  We also had the traditional prime rib dinner at the restaurant.  Last fall when we ate here with Joe and Peggy the prime rib was a dissapointment, but not this time.  A good dinner with ample leftovers for another night.


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