Musha Cay

We survived the last cold front without issue at Cambridge and enjoyed cruiser cocktails on the beach, nice walks on the cay, and a quick snorkel at the Aquarium,next to Johnny Depp’s island (no he didn’t invite us over….again). We had a couple of squalls, but the lightning was distant and winds only hit 28 knots. We said goodbye this morning to our friends Tom and Dana who have left on their sail back to the States (work beckons) and then we headed south to Musha Cay (David Copperfield’s island, and he blew us off too!!!!).mushacay

It was a nice downwind sail. Tomorrow we intend to snorkel on a stainless steel sculpture of a piano playing mermaid in about 20′ of water nearby. Here are two pictures of the piano. Actually about 12′ of water and yes, the water is that clear.

Then we will start working our way North. There is more bad weather predicted Thursday so we will try to get a spot at Warderick Wells on Tuesday. The winter weather here has been bad, but not nearly as bad as home. It’s chilly tonight, probably in the sixties.


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