Moved on for the Super Bowl

We sailed north with the SE wind for a day/night at Shroud Cay, a mangrove filled island.  Near high tide we motored up the estuary (salina) into the center of the cay and then on to the eastern Sound side (the deep water side).  The first part of the journey was through the mangroves in small creeks but just as  the mangroves started closing in, we came around a corner and there was a lagoon, a sandbar and breaking surf on the other side.  Also several families with children and a dog.  A wonderful, lively scene.

The next morning we headed south into the SE winds and motored our 38 miles to Black Point settlement.  After anchoring in their very protected harbor, we headed ashore for walking and checking things out.  We are spending the next days doing laundry, having a Superbowl feast and wandering through the town.

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