Magic again

After a long 4 days of moving from Hopetown, we have arrived at Warderick Wells, the center of the Exuma Land and Sea Park. The park is still immensely beautiful with the incredibly clear water and all the different blues and greens. The weather is calm and very sunny. We have snorkeled the reef and dipped in and out of the water to cool ourselves off. After the first night we moved to the Northern mooring field where the current flips your boat front to back and the sand bar and the island are right up against your boat. We are going hiking this afternoon and maybe a party tomorrow and then off to some other part of the park. But it is good to see that the magic is still here.



1 thought on “Magic again

  1. Hi Ed and Tina,
    I got home safely to a cold, rainy Florida. The flight was interesting as I got to be co-pilot. I got to watch all the radar, weather and chart plotter screens. Planes have an advantage over us boaters. They can dodge bad weather vertically, as well as, port and starboard.

    I was not sure if you had my contact information:

    I miss everyone. Be safe and I will see you soon. Peggy

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