An Update from Green Turtle Cay


The sail through the Sea of Abaco from Mangrove Cay to Green Turtle Cay was one of the longest (50 miles) and most fun we’ve had in a long time.  Speeds to 8.4 knots but with flat water the boat was just gliding.  We had wind to 24 knots and all the sail up as you can see below.  We were moving too fast to see the bottom but the water was shades of green and blue.  Magical.


After coming into Green Turtle Cay, we explored the island a little but on Thursday, we walked over to the town of New Plymouth. (about 3 miles). We stopped to get sim cards for our phones, an important feature for the trip and then walked down into town.  Maybe 150 brightly colored houses on narrow alleyways with small fenced yards.  The major transport is golfcart and small boat.


From the town we began the hike back stopping at the Atlantic Ocean beaches to see the height of the surf and wade in the water.  On Friday more friends are coming in, so we will stay to meet them and visit.


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