In The Bahamas at last!

The alarm went off at 3:40AM Monday, but we were already awake after staying up late watching Peyton Manning et al an then the latest episode of Downton Abbey.  The boat was ready and so were we.  The anchor was up at 0400 and we were off with our buddy boat Onward….on a slow crossing to the Bahamas. Ten hours later we were on the Little Bahama Bank.  The Gulf Stream was rough but not dangerous. Maybe a 5 foot swell from the North with a 3 foot chop from the East…..a washing machine!  The banks, however, sported calm seas so we motored on and dropped the hook just North of Mangrove Cay.
We slept in until 0445 and the anchor was up at a more civilized hour. The full moon was still up and Milky Way visible. I even saw a shooting star.  The jib and staysail were up before dawn as and then the main before we passed North of Great Sale Cay. The winds built to 16 gusting to 23 knot, but the waters on the banks maintained less than 2 foot chop, so we flew. We averaged 7 knot and peaked out at 8.5 in gusts. A perfect sailing day. Last time we stayed at Green Turtle we touched the solid rock bottom of the entrance, but it has been dredged and now boasts a controlling depth of 7 feet. There is bad weather coming, but we are safely tied up at the Green Turtle Club Marina. We had a lovely dinner at the Club tonight with Joe (Onward) and his friend Peggy.

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