It’s Winter!

It’s cold here!  When we arrived at BWI it was a bit warmer than we expected but it didn’t last.  While we were at church yesterday about 2 inches of snow fell.  Then last night it turned to freezing rain.  No problems for us, but a reminder of what Washington winters are all about.


The ice has accumulated a bit on the trees, but not to the point of damage.


Alison and Mike’s new home where we are living while back in Maryland.

Merlin is home for Christmas.

After several rainy days in Vero, Merlin is sitting at Cecil’s (her previous owner’s) dock in Hobe Sound, thanks to Celcil’s very generous offer to leave her here.

We had a really nice Thanksgiving feast at Skip and Harriet’s new home in Vero beach.  We joined Skip and Harriet, and Rick and Eva (2 friends from the Chesapeake Bay Sabre Association) and Joe (Onward) for a super meal and evening.  Thanksgiving is not the same away from home, but it was really a lot of fun.  Rick and Eva (www.sabrecalypso.wordpress.comare taking their Sabre 402 to the Bahamas for the first time and they may leave to go over this week.   We fly home for Christmas tomorrow and will return to cruising in early January.