Eventually everyone runs aground….right?

We left Beaufort quite early Sunday to handle bridges, tides and shoaling.  Unfortunately the high tide was at 8:30 so the rest of the day was spent on a falling tide.  We successfully negotiated the windy ways and very foggy area around Hilton Head Island and were in the home stretch when we hit Fields Cut.  Literally.  The cut came to us quicker than we were expecting and we were unprepared for when the depth numbers started descending.  So we ran aground and stayed stuck until the tide came back up, about 3 hours on.  The boat heeled over a bit and we provided a lot of amusement for passing boats but no issues with the boat.  We made it through the rest of the cut and across into Georgia and found a creek in the reeds to drop the anchor.

Today we went into Savannah and wandered the museums, shopped and ate.  Savannah is looking quiet but fine even in November.  The SCAD museum, shop and students are all quite lively and the squares are full of folks. The waterfront was much emptier.


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