Charleston, SC

We made it into Charleston Harbor Marina at Patriots Point by 1:00 after having to slow down to allow the tide to come up a bit on the way to get through some shoaling.  Then after the tide came up the water was too high for our buddy boat, Onward, to get under the Isle of Palms bridge.  While Joe dropped anchor and waited for the water to fall we went ahead to the marina.  The current was running pretty well by the time we got there so we ended up crabbing into the fairway and then turned into our slip.  It was uneventful, but could have been with any little glitch.  Joe came in a couple of hours later and they put him into a slip on the same fairway (F dock) which was really too narrow for a 47′ boat in current and 15knots of wind. His dingy hit a boat on the E dock, but he made it into the slip without other issues.  Since it was Tina’s Birthday we took the trolley into Charleston for a nice fish dinner at Hymans.  Saturday morning we found a diver to make sure there were no lines wrapped around our prop shaft.  It was clean but he told us what we were sort of expecting ….. our cutlass bearing (the bearing that holds the propshaft in place) was worn out and causing excess vibration.  We could still run the engine, but not for the entire rest of the trip.  He put us in touch with Sean Carroll Yachting and Charleston City Boatyard and after some independent research about both we made arrangements to have the boat pulled out of the water and have the repair done on Monday.  It will likely take 3 days.  Then it was off to Boone Plantation for a tour and see a reenactment of a Civil War Battle.  In this particular battle the South won…surprise, surprise.  It was a nice afternoon seeing the reenactment with lots of cannon fire and then touring the slave quarters and house at the plantation.  Then it was back to Onward for a stir-fry dinner.  Sunday morning required a trip to Starbucks for Cappucino and then off to Middleton Plantation.  Sunday evening we were dining with other Annapolis boats that had just made it into Charleston and were leaving Monday for Florida on the outside.  The weather windows for travelling in the ocean (outside) have been short and infrequent so when the opportunity presents, lots of boats go.  We are still enjoying wandering through the marshes and little towns.


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