Too Much Math

Who knew? Who knew there was so much math in sailing?  First there are the distances to the bridges and the times they open. The first bridge we need 2 hours to get to but the second bridge is 45 minutes away in distance with the opening either 30 minutes away or 90 minutes.  We find we are going a million miles an hour or just inching along.  All to make it through a bridge.  Then we have our draft (6.5 feet) and the tides. North Carolina has 3+ feet tides. So that is welcome water for the parts of the “ditch” that are now too skinny for our boat.  We passed through two famous shoal prone areas today at high tide and were confident we would have been stuck at low tide. However if your mast just barely fits under the fixed bridges, extra water isn’t helpful. Our buddy boat has had to wait out some of the high water anchored off to the side of the bridge.  And going through the infamous rock pile (part of the ICW with submerged rock ledges on either side of the channel) is harder when you can’t see the dangers.  However we are now safely tied up at the Marina at Grande Dunes in Myrtle Beach with all the golfers.  We are in South Carolina and it is sunny!


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